4 Dangerous Behaviors to Avoid

by Chris 'The Kiwi' Ashenden - 5 months ago

We all have different reasons for wanting to improve our health. While Athletic Greens fills the nutritional gaps in our diet, there are a few things you should seriously consider when looking to improve your health.


Overwhelming Stress (or too much stress hormone Cortisol)

Our modern society has us running on all cylinders. This slowly chips away at our health by subjecting us to chronic stressors. This might be great for short term productivity, but studies have made a strong connection between heightened Cortisol levels and chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation contributes to autoimmune disorders and cardiovascular disease.

Solution: Address the stress. Get more you time. Set and stick to your priorities.

Not Enough Quality Sleep

So many of us are not getting enough quality sleep. Including me at times. Sleep is VITAL. It has a restorative effect on our body’s cells. Without it you can’t maintain a healthy Cortisol level. Persistent stress and lack of quality sleep go hand in hand. The combination makes it near impossible to shed unwanted fat or feel superhuman.

Solution: Make sleep your priority. Enough sleep, regular sleep, and good quality sleep.

Poor Nutrition

Sugar, gluten, and processed industrial vegetable oils are just a few of the nasty culprits plaguing the modern western diet. In addition to keeping you FAT, low in energy, and unhappy, these “foods” are INFLAMMATORY.

Solution: Stop eating them. No, seriously. Your health comes first. Take control of it.

Neglected Gut Health

It’s estimated that gut health is responsible for 80% of your body’s immunity. If the integrity of your gut wall is jeopardized, you’re more likely to have an immune response to foreign toxins, poisons, and even fecal matter entering your bloodstream and system via your gut. Your immune system response is inflammation, and it rapidly becomes both chronic and systemic if your gut health is continually out of whack.

Solution: Kick out processed foods (especially sugars) and gluten, and eat MORE probiotic-rich foods like fermented Kimchi and sauerkraut.

…Great news, this is nothing to be scared of. Knowledge is the first step to taking action and fortifying your health…The good news is, you’re already taking Athletic Greens, and it has started working on improving your overall gut health, along with your body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients.

Keep up the great work!