7 Steps To Make Your Very Own Manifestation Journal

by Chris 'The Kiwi' Ashenden - 2 years ago

Could a manifestation journal be the powerful tool you’ve been waiting for to guide your daily actions and help you achieve your goals, step by step?

If you kept a journal when you were younger, perhaps you detailed all your parents’ injustices, why some teachers at school rocked and others absolutely sucked, the best bands in the universe and why, and the latest teenage crisis you were struggling with?

There’s something about writing journals that connects with the human psyche. It’s a special treat for the soul; a way to clear the mind, air out our feelings and discuss our deepest, darkest fears.

However, while most traditional journals record past actions, manifestation journals look to the present and the future. They ask what sort of life do you want to live now? What do you want to achieve in the future?

Nowadays, most people spend less time with pen and paper, instead tapping the screen of a smartphone. But, with the rise of mindfulness and manifestation, journaling is making a comeback in a new form. Rather than recording gossip and secrets, you can use your journal to express what your goals are, as well as to show gratitude for what you’ve been blessed with, and asking the universe for more of it.

This idea of manifestation has risen in popularity thanks to books like Bob Proctor’s The Secret but you may not be aware of how manifestation journaling might help you.

It really can be an incredible tool to help you clearly envisage what you want in life, describe it down to the very last detail, and receive it, in ways that simply hoping for or “imagining it” never could.

Get started on achieving your goals with a manifestation journal. The following seven steps will guide you in creating a tool you may use for the rest of your life….

Get A Journal And Pen That You’re Comfortable Spending Time With!

If you don’t already have a notebook and pen that are a joy to write with, buy them!

It’s all part of the ritual of starting anew; making a new start by expressing your goals in life. Buy one with a cover that endears itself to you – something you want to spend time with for 5-10 minutes each day. Make it a good size to carry with you. Lined or unlined? It’s up to you, of course…

If you already have a notebook lying around, it’s preferably a new one with nothing else in it – perhaps an old birthday present that was forgotten on a shelf. Well, now’s the time to dust it off and use it for something.

Picture Your Overall Goal

Like with all journals, honesty is key – there is nowhere to hide. Be honest with yourself: What do you really want out of life? What’s your dream job? What type of house do you want to live in? Is there something you’re dying to achieve like completing a half marathon or a trip to Italy?

It’s important to start here with your overarching goals. These may not be achievable right now – but that’s where your manifestation journal will start to work wonders as you work towards these goals.

Believing is seeing! If you believe it, you will see it and create the energy for it to happen. Truly picture an overall goal. Then write it down in the present tense, and jot down what it’s like to have achieved that goal.

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Write Down How Each Goal Makes You Feel

Dedicate each entry to one goal.

After describing the nature of the goal in the present tense, describe how achieving the goal make you feel. What does your day-to-day life look like now? How has life improved?

This is an essential part of manifestation as the feeling (happiness, joy, relief, pride) is essentially more important than the actual achievement. It will help you internalize the goal and make it seem more real – it will also make the goal more intense and drive you on to achieving it.

If you can do this, you’re well on the way to feeling the power of manifestation.

Break Goals Down Into Bite-Sized Pieces: Milestones

Whether you dream big or small, every goal can be broken down into milestones. Then the big goals seem more achievable.

For instance, if you want to run a half-marathon but you haven’t run anywhere since you were 16, you’ll need to build up gradually. Start by manifesting a brisk walk for 3-5km a day. Most people can manage that. Remember to write it down in the present tense:

I am now brisk walking 5km a day.

These smaller, more manageable goals are achievable and keep your confidence up – especially when you run into a roadblock.

Write these steps out and be as descriptive as you can, always speaking in the present tense. You can choose whether to break them into monthly “stepping stones” or parts of the larger dream.

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Put Timelines On Your Goals

Goals are most effective when they have specific timelines attached to them. That creates an urgency to achieving them rather than just letting them slide in the hustle of life.

So if you dream to own your own online bookstore, write it something like this in your manifestation journal:

  • It is now December 12th, 2018, and I own my own online bookstore.
  • I am so happy and grateful that I am now following my dream of selling books to the world!

You see how that can be more effective than general goals without dates attached to them?

Finish Every Entry With Gratitude

Allocate another area of your notebook to giving thanks.

Each day, when your writing time is up, turn to this section and write down at least three things you’re grateful for – perhaps it’s your family, or perhaps it’s your impressive self-discipline for hitting the gym that morning when you really didn’t feel like it.

It’s important to note these, not only for an ongoing positive mind but also to manifest more of the same.

Commit To Daily Manifestations!

With manifestation journals, daily action is required. Make it part of your routine. Journals get lonely (and goals are unfulfilled) unless you make a habit of opening your journal every day.

Until it becomes a habit, you might like to set a daily alarm to remind yourself to write in your journal, setting aside 5-10 minutes to do so.

Each day, write about one of the “stepping stones” or mini-goals that you set out above (e.g. the weekly milestones for running a half-marathon – pace, distance, diet etc,).

What’s needed to complete each goal?

If your ultimate goal is to write a book, think about things like finance and learning (online, classes, workshops?). Each day, spend 5-10 minutes focusing on one aspect of what’s needed – what’s required from a financial perspective, and how will you get there?

Write down your thoughts or ideas, while staying positive, passionate and descriptive.

Writing is a habit just like exercising, playing computer games, or watching TV. Ultimately, by making regular daily visits to your manifestation journal, you’ll cultivate the habit of regular writing.

Rather than an interruption to your day, picturing yourself achieving your goal will become an essential part of the day that you won’t want to miss.

When tempted to put off writing for the day in lieu of other tasks, ask yourself…

“What means more to me? This TV show, or my fitness goal? Getting five minutes of extra sleep, or my dream job?”

Bonus Step: If In Doubt, Write It Out

We all get some days when we just don’t feel as confident as others, and our goals seem out of reach.

Keep a separate page in your journal that lists any doubts you feel or obstacles you might face along your way.

The trick here is not to leave them to take root and manifest. Instead, immediately think about a solution (or steps towards a solution) and write it beside your worry or concern.

Better yet, once you’ve solved the problem, cross it out completely! You don’t need that sort of negativity in your life!


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Start Your Manifestation Journal Today!

There is massive power in focusing on what you want as if you already have it.

In fact, there are so many incredible stories of success that were created with the help of manifestation and a mind that just believed.

This flips the traditional view of a journal on its head. Rather than recording what’s happened, why not make something more likely that it will happen?

Visualize your goals as you write and then see them as accomplished. Then anticipate how they’ll feel as they become real, writing with emotion and passion.

Writing a goal down in this way helps it become reality – and it’s much more powerful than simply keeping it in your head. It also keeps you in a positive frame of mind.

Everybody has five minutes each day to spare for something that important!

Quite apart from everything else, unplugging from the digital space (phone, tablet, computer) and picking up a journal for 10 minutes a day can be therapeutic.

Still not sure where to start? Here is a completed entry from one of our manifestation journals. And, even better, you can download the FREE template below and use it yourself!

Manifestation journal example

If you have any more questions, or simply want to share the goals you’re manifesting at the moment, post a comment below or head over to our #GreensTeam Facebook community.