Achieve Your Career Goals With This 5-Step Vision Board

by Adam Trouncer - 2 years ago

We’ve all heard the stories. You know: a friend of a friend pins a picture of a house on her vision board.

Five years later, she’s cleaning out her closet and finds the vision board, and pinned to it, is a picture of the house she now lives in.

Could you actually be the star of a similar story? Do vision boards work or are they the stuff of urban myth?

Well, surprisingly for many, there is good evidence that vision boards (sometimes called ‘dream boards’) do work. They work in the same way that visualization and the ‘law of attraction’ works.

These collages made of pictures, words, and phrases represent your ideal life and make it more likely that you will achieve what you want to achieve – professionally or personally!

Forget the doubters and their suspicions of the success stories. You’d be surprised by the number of high-profile, high-performance entrepreneurs, motivational speakers and business people who champion the art of visualization.

And these boards are just another way to visualize – similar to a manifestation journal in many ways but with visual prompts rather than just text.

Tony Robbins, the world-renowned entrepreneur and life coach, taught us to focus on where we want to go, not on what we fear:

“To create a life where you’re thriving, not just surviving, you must focus on creating a compelling future. Pick anything – a goal, dream, or desire – that you want so much, you’re going to find yourself compelled to make it happen,” he said.

“The great thing is, if you think about it, you’ve actually already done this before. Whether or not you’ve been keeping track of it along the way, there are things that you’ve wanted and have gotten for yourself. You are responsible for everything that you have in your life today.

“If you want to thrive, you have to focus on the things you can control, the difference you can make, and the things that are already in your life that you’re grateful for.”


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Likewise, the author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and “America’s #1 Success Coach” Jack Canfield backs this view of Robbins up. He has been open about his belief in vision boards and their goal-getting abilities. This is not based on simply hoping and dreaming, but rather a simple and effective concept that makes total sense:

“By representing your goals with pictures and images you will actually strengthen and stimulate your emotions because your mind responds strongly to visual stimulation…  this activates the Law of Attraction.”

Vision boards are easy to create. So easy in fact that you can get there in five simple steps…

Build Your Board

First things first. You’ll need the materials to create your vision board:

  • 1x cork or poster board (or two if you’d like to create a personal board for home and a professional board for the office)
  • A box of thumbtacks, scissors, tape/glue
  • A stack of old magazines and/or books for visual material

That’s it. The rest of the raw materials you need are in your head!

Note that high-quality folding vision boards are available for purchase online (for instance on Etsy) if you don’t want to go out and buy the raw materials yourself.

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Define Your Goals

If your vision board is going to be a reflection of your ideal life, you need to be quite sure what that life is going to look like.

Start by defining all your goals in life. These might be personal, financial, professional, or social goals. Make a list, prioritize it, and get clear on where you want to go. These are some of the areas you’ll probably want to cover:

  • Your values
  • Career goals
  • Family life
  • Love life
  • Health & wellness
  • Your free time
  • Your ongoing education

Because your vision board will be constantly updated, it’s good to initially focus on your more immediate goals – say the next 12 months.

If you’ve just left school, it’s fine to dream about being CEO of your own company but the goal for the first 12 months may be to get some work experience in the field that you want your company to be. Include this on your list – so that you have milestones as well as the main goals themselves.

Start Sourcing Your Inspiration

The next thing to do is to get in the mood. Put your favorite music on and start looking for images that capture the essence of your vision.

These images are going to be the main ‘raw material’ by which you populate your board – and which you’ll stick on with thumbtacks, tape, or glue.

If you don’t have many magazines yourself, ask friends or colleagues to donate a few to you or check out your local recycling depot.

Flick through the magazines and cut out any pictures that represent your ideal future. This can, of course, include possessions like a dream house or car but be sure to also include any pictures that represent your experiences and feelings too. They should leap out at you and ‘speak’ to your desires and emotions.

For instance, if you place a picture of your favorite restaurant on your board, it doesn’t have to mean that you want to run a restaurant in the future. It might just remind you of how you feel when you go into that restaurant and the happy state of mind you enter.

This is just as important for your board as material goals.

And don’t limit yourself to just magazines either – jump online and search for pictures on Google, Instagram or Pinterest and print these out. Have fun doing it!

When you have your pictures ready, attach them neatly to the board. Although it’s a collage, be selective with what you include. You don’t want to attract clutter and create a chaotic look that will get confusing in the future. These boards work best with simplicity and clarity.

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Add Positive Phrases & Other Paraphernalia

The pictures that create the visual stimulus of your ultimate life are really important – but they’re only one piece of the puzzle.

Words also have an incredible power to inspire and to motivate. So flick through magazines, old books and go looking online again for positive phrases, affirmations, thoughts or quotes that will inspire and uplift you.

If you have a favorite motivational quote that you often turn to or a word that makes you feel good, write it down and add it to the board. Also, choose words that provoke strong positive emotions and connect with your purpose and your ideal future.

You can even add other paraphernalia that remind you of good times and positive states of mind – like a coaster, a photo, a postcard, or a lucky charm. There are really no rules about what to include – it’s up to you!

Just keep in mind that it’s best to create clarity and simplicity and avoid the temptation to post too much on your board.

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Hang It In A Prominent Position

Your board needs to sit somewhere you see it every day because it works by keeping the images top of mind.

Your subconscious mind must register the images frequently, stirring the brain to seek out the resources, the people, and the opportunities that will help you accomplish your vision.

For a personal board, this might be in your bedroom so that you can visualize it right before you sleep. For a professional board, it might be in your office, within eyesight of your desk.

All that’s left to do now is to add the visualization practice to your daily routine. Make a point of noticing the board.

You may not be able to contemplate twice a day on how far you’ve come but at least make sure that you see the board most days. Try to build it into your routine – like after you get up or before you go to bed; or during your lunch break at work.

At the very least, a vision board will encourage you to imagine your ideal life every day and motivate you with positive phrases, which can only be a good thing for your future.

Start Creating Your Vision Board Today

Any successful person will tell you that the best way to achieve your goals is to keep them top of mind.

For most people, visual reminders are more powerful than simply text. Give yourself a simple visual reminder of what you want to achieve and have it in your face every day.  This will help motivate you and create positive thoughts of achievement, while providing daily reminders of where you want to go.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of these boards. Their power lies in their simplicity – but they work on a deeper, subconscious level to drive you on towards your goals.

Set aside some time to build your vision board by following the simple steps above and you’ll be hanging up a board of your dreams in no time. By representing your ideal life, you should consider it an investment in your future.

If you’re still not convinced, or creating a whole board seems beyond you right now, why not try a manifestation journal? Check out our article on it, and download our free template below to get started.

Perhaps you already use a vision board to help achieve your goals? Send us a picture of your finished boards and help inspire other people to do the same!

If it’s already worked for you, it will probably work for others – share your success story in the comments below, or in the #GreensTeam community.